The second accident at the Belarusian NPP in a month - the reactor building was damaged by the explosion

A second emergency occurred at the Belarusian nuclear power plant in less than a month since its launch.

The Belarusian media report a second incident that occurred at the Belarusian nuclear power plant, as a result of which the building with the nuclear reactor located in it was damaged, as a result of which the operation of the nuclear power plant had to be stopped for an unspecified period - the reactor was left without cooling.

“According to information from an organization working closely with BelNPP on safety issues, a major emergency occurred at the end of hydrotesting at the NPP. Due to the unopened valve, when pumping out the liquid at the end of the tests, the tanker of the emergency cooling system of the first reactor was damaged. Most likely the tank was imploded. It requires replacement, but since replacing the tank is tantamount to admitting an accident, they try to fix it instead. Thus, we have a “hot” reactor with an abnormally functioning (at best) backup emergency cooling system, ”the activists say. “We also received from various sources during September and October 2020 information indirectly confirming the fact of the accident, just at the time when the physical start-up and such a stage as hydraulic testing took place, when, according to the witnesses of the incident, this emergency happened”, - declares the LHC. Sources of eco-activists claim that a "major accident" or emergency occurred on the cooling system of the reactor of the first power unit, as a result of which equipment replacement is required. Sources that are independent of each other described the situation in the following words: "the valve is bent", "the container is sucked in", which confirms the version of the implosion of the tank of the emergency cooling system of the first reactor, stated above ", - the Belarusian information portal “” informs about it.

The Belarusian side does not officially comment on the incident, however, the situation at the Belarusian NPP looks very frightening, especially against the background of the fact that this is the second emergency since the launch of the nuclear reactor and the inclusion of the nuclear power plant in the country's energy system. According to analysts, the blame for everything could be the rush of the Belarusian authorities to launch the nuclear power plant against the backdrop of mass protests in the country in order to somehow distract society from existing problems.

“The nuclear power plant in Belarus should have been launched at best in the middle of next year. Obviously, due to such a rush, and certainly the lack of experience of the Belarusian specialists, all this led to a series of emergency situations, and the latter is very serious, since it will be very problematic to cool the overheated reactor later on ”, - the analyst emphasizes

Judging by the data of open monitoring resources, the level of radiation background near the western border of Belarus is practically unchanged, which at the moment indicates that there is no danger.