Massive fire breaks out aboard USS Abraham Lincoln

The fire on the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" injured nine sailors.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of the fire that occurred, victims were avoided, however, some damage is reported on board the aircraft carrier, the nature of which is not specified.

As a result of an unexpected fire, several crew members were injured while trying to evacuate from the burning zone, while the rest of the American sailors were injured as a result of attempts made to independently eliminate the fire and its source.

The circumstances of the fire on board the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" have not yet been disclosed. However, according to some reports, the reason for everything was a purely technical problem. At the same time, it remains unknown why the fire extinguishing system did not respond to the fire that had begun.

How serious the condition of the injured American sailors is is unknown, however, some of them were hospitalized.


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