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There is an emergency on board the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth - more than a hundred crew members are infected with coronavirus

The long-range cruise of the British aircraft carrier is under threat.

The further mission of the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and the aircraft carrier strike group is threatened due to the fact that over a hundred active cases of coronavirus have been detected on board the aircraft carrier over the past 48 hours. A sharp increase in infection cases may lead to the fact that by the end of the week, up to 50% of the crew of an aircraft carrier may be infected with the coronavirus, despite statements by the UK Department of Defense that the situation is already under control.

The BBC reported that there were about 100 cases of infection on the aircraft carrier. Several other ships of the accompanying fleet also suffered. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the entire crew in the deployment received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and the outbreak is under control. The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth traveled about a quarter of the way on its 28-week mission, leading the Aircraft Carrier Strike Group (AUG). Now he has entered the Indian Ocean. The Royal Navy says it should continue its voyage to Japan later this year. ", says the BBC.

Experts note that due to not taken due measures, there is a risk not only that the situation on board will sharply aggravate, but the first victims may well appear. By the way, to date, the UK has not been able to achieve control over the infection. On board the aircraft carrier, severe restrictions on the fight against coronavirus were adopted.

"Are we again?" (Petrov and Boshirov. And K.)
If you translate into simple then. The Britons drifted off to go to China. Petrov and Boshirov will help them save face in front of the brits :)
They have already earned their reputation in Crimea and they do not need to spoil it in China. China is not the Russian Federation. Sparring will not hurt them at all.

Well, since he entered the Indian Ocean. means it has become accessible to Iranian missiles. We are waiting ...



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