Landing on an aircraft carrier


On board the largest American aircraft carrier found infected with a coronavirus

The American fleet "swam" from the coronavirus.

Three cases of a new type of coronavirus infection, detected on board the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, seriously demoralized the crew of the largest US military ship. Due to the lack of disinfectants, the number of new cases can increase many times, and given the high degree of contact on the aircraft carrier, experts note that this makes the USS Theodore Roosevelt a worthless trough, unable to take part in hostilities.

“Three cases of COVID-19 were detected among personnel aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. These are the first cases of COVID-19 on a ship on duty. These people were quarantined and must be taken by air from the ship. In fact, they may already be removed from the ship today. ”, - said in a statement.

According to preliminary data, American sailors could be infected during a visit to Vietnam, however, given the fact that tests that detect the COVID-19 virus in the human body have an accuracy of about 60-70%, the number of patients aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier "May be significantly larger.

“The team is sick, a number of important compartments are quarantined. The aircraft carrier is disabled and cannot be used in military operations. ", - the expert concludes.