Schiphol Airport


On board the Dutch airline, a compartment for the chassis of the aircraft, a corpse of a teenager

At Amsterdam Airport in bay chassis passenger aircraft found the body.

At the moment, it was found that the corpse found in the landing gear compartment of the aircraft, owned 17-old citizen of Norway, who was suffering autism. How and why the teenager was in the compartment to the chassis of the aircraft currently remains unknown, however, the police suggests that in fact, the body of the plane struck at least two flights made, however, for unknown reasons, was not found immediately.

Representatives of the airline refused to in any way comment on the situation with the death of a man, but police suspect that it is likely to blame for it carrier, which does not bother to implement any preflight inspection of the aircraft at the time of aircraft departure or poslepolotny inspection, although certain suspicions also fall on workers Amsterdam airport.


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