On board passenger liner passengers fought

Passengers on the Hong Kong-Vladivostok flight had a mass brawl on board.

Information portal it became known that the cause of the mass brawl was inappropriate behavior of one of the passengers, and volunteers while attempting to calm the man is clearly not following the norms of morality and ethics, the conflict escalated into a mass brawl. However, what exactly was the cause of the outbreak of conflict, it remains unknown, however, a violent passenger could bring down the aisle a few strokes, then, rowdy immobilized and the plane continued execution of the flight.

Unfortunately, currently remains unknown why eliminate conflict aboard the airliner did not rush any steward - as seen in the video, no member of the crew did not get the shot, what can be concluded that the stewards or specifically chose to rid themselves of a similar fate, or for unknown reasons were on the other side of the aircraft.

In fact organized on board the aircraft under investigation debauch.