On board the crashed Su-27 was equipment with classified data

It became known about the secret equipment on board the Su-27 fighter.

A Russian Su-27 fighter plane that crashed a few days ago in the Black Sea had secret equipment on board with very important data on it. Due to the crash of a combat aircraft in the neutral waters of the Black Sea, there is a risk that the equipment could fall into the hands of NATO countries, whose ships were seen near the place where the fighter fell.

“There were no cardinal shifts in the areas where the search and rescue forces of the Black Sea Fleet, the redirection of the FSB of Russia and attracted vessels of commercial organizations looking for a pilot, wreckage and secret special equipment of the Su-27 fighter crashed”- сообщает Eurasia Daily information resource.

What kind of secret special equipment in question is unknown, however, taking into account the fact that, according to Russian media, a combat aircraft was supposed to intercept two NATO ships that entered the Black Sea last Monday, the Alliance may well try to prevent the Russian military conduct a search and rescue operation. It should be clarified that despite the concentration of forces in this area, it has still not been possible to find any debris from the Russian combat aircraft.

It is quite possible to meet with a flock of birds, then five engines will not help out.

Well, the media can’t give a friend ensign from the warehouse!

Probably someone does not understand. that a pilot is more expensive than any plane and this is not a primitive accounting but we must remember that the plane is just iron and the pilot is a man

A very real version. It was not once.

You need to fly in pairs

Do not fly in pairs at night!

Only one thing is surprising, for marking the place where the plane crashed (on land or water), equipment was developed in the 70s of the last century. Has the search system for a fall in aircraft really degraded in 50 years so far that the coordinates of the crash are still unknown.

It’s strange somehow - just two engines so that just a little falls. So, this is the technical condition of the machine. Or a specific impact.

Nothing new. The pilot decided to show how cool he was and got a mouthful of water. He is not the first and not the last to confuse the starry sky with its reflection on the water. Here Tolboev is absolutely right.

Or maybe this plane landed in one of the NATO countries.

The block found will not give anything. For those who are not in the know. There is a random number generator - the main notepad ... (once-once-once ...). But it does not happen on board.

Maybe NATO also tested a new secret weapon?

There is nothing to comment on, nothing unknown. Unless to fantasize only.

Most likely shot down

Many moles in Russia and in its armed forces divorced. This plane has already been stolen by the alliance. Why was the flight solitary, without a follower?

And where did it become known? Where does such a high access to the "secrets" of the MO come from? And who gave permission for disclosure? Such a source is “shining” for about 20 years.

Somehow very odious. The plane crashed supposedly only 25 km from the city - and no trace. Yes, and did he fall?
It is worth recalling the MIG-25, hijacking to Japan, the Yankees disassembling it - and then they got exactly the two-keel F15, with lower rectangular intakes and from a welded stainless steel, like ours, and not from duralumin. Not the fact that it is so, but alarming ..

Just like in the movie Blue Arrow, look for a submarine


They hide their own incompetence by interweaving the interest of other countries.

The strange behavior of our MO, which stopped searching for the aircraft, raises questions, many questions! Why not "dig the earth" in search? If the pilot is no longer returned alive, then it is simply necessary to understand the reasons for the disappearance of the aircraft, i.e. find him.

NATO enters the Black Sea and the plane disappears ... And they can’t find it. The truth is strange.

Well, what a primitive "lure" - there are secret data on board! If they themselves can’t find, they would say honestly, the first to find is given

Well, it would be very surprising if there were no state recognition equipment and linear data encryption on board a combat aircraft. This is only a small part of what is available on every military aircraft and helicopter.

Expert, the conclusion is complete and final, or something will change

I do not want to believe, but if the secrets are already on the other side?

As practice shows, if a pilot were more important than airplane, there wouldn’t be such 95 percent death of our pilots! And since we have a deplorable state in a quantitative ratio .. and the practice of prosecutorial military proceedings, for the loss of an airplane .. Poor pilots do not absolutely justified risk, saving the iron! How many pilots die in us, yes almost everything! Although we praise our seats at all angles! The pilot should think about his family ... This is not a war! The state’s obligation to build new planes .. and the fighter is not that value ra who is worth the risk in peacetime!
And our rescue service at sea is completely undeveloped ... We don’t have elementary all-weather rescue helicopters .. A little breeze blew. Everyone is sitting on the shore. They are waiting! At least one example is our rescue on the water? Ordinary helicopters and planes .. All what can be sent if a ship is near somewhere! Services of the USA, Canada, South Korea .. This is where you need to study .. In this we have a complete failure!

"secret equipment with the very important data on it." In general, a friend-or-foe block is being sought. What else, secret, can be, in, far, not the latest Su-27?

Why did he fly alone and not as a pair? The second plane could indicate the coordinates of the fall.

And why did he fly out on a mission?

Complete failure and incompetence of the search service; failure of the beacon technique; - signal suppression in the area; the pilot was not observed in such calm but cold weather; - what the pilots think if they realize that they will not be saved if something happens

On board each aircraft is O67 equipment, there is one secret unit. In general, such a plane, he’s all with the stamp in secret. Well, planes do not fly to intercept ships, but they can carry out reconnaissance with the WhT classification or aerial photography

pilot. To pollinate corn in the West.

"It should be clarified that despite the concentration of forces in this area, it has still not been possible to find any wreckage of a Russian combat aircraft." But what about the pilot, what with him is a pilot more important than an airplane?

This is a clean fighter. He works according to V.Ts. ... and what does NATO ships have to do with it ...

As always, our plane was shot down without an answer.

And if there are no debris, then why talk about a “crashed” plane? Especially if it was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Maybe he himself wanted to disappear? With the help of wizards from NATO?

Crashed? Where such confidence?