On board the destroyed bulk carrier Rubymar there were 21 thousand tons of fertilizers

The British cargo ship Rubymar, which sank in the Red Sea after an attack by the Yemeni Houthis in February, was carrying 21 thousand tons of ammonium sulfate-based fertilizers, which poses a serious environmental risk to the water area. US Central Command (CENTCOM) expressed concern about the consequences of the incident, pointing to the potential threat to both the marine ecosystem and shipping in the region.

The situation escalated on February 18 when the Houthis struck the ship with a ballistic missile, forcing the crew to abandon ship. On March 2, the ship finally sank. The incident comes as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement has intensified, with Yemen's Houthis increasing their activity in the region, declaring support for Hamas and launching a series of attacks on ships believed to be associated with Israel. These actions led to a significant decline in cargo traffic through the Suez Canal and a decline in its revenues by more than 46%.


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