A military drone fell on the house of a resident of Taganrog

In Taganrog, an unknown drone with a star fell on a private house.

A few hours ago, an unmanned aerial vehicle of an unidentified type fell on a private house in Taganrog. As a result of the fall of the drone on a private house, the latter caught fire. The victims were avoided, however, according to preliminary data, the damage caused to a private house is significant, as evidenced by the corresponding video frames. The type of drone has not yet been named, however, a star has been found on its wing, indicating the probable identity of the drone.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of a drone crash on a private residential building in Taganrog. Apparently, the fire has engulfed most of the house, although there are no official statements from the Ministry of Emergency Situations by the current hour.

Among other things, in the video frames and photos you can see a fragment of the wing of a crashed unmanned aerial vehicle, on which there is a red star, while the drone itself, obviously, is quite large.

For what purpose the drone flew in this region is not specified. At the same time, there are no official comments to the current moment on this matter.