Donbass tanks


Against the background of attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a tank battalion was transferred to Donbass

A battalion of tanks was deployed to Donbass amid an expected attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

After the start of a covert offensive of the Ukrainian army on the position of the DPR, it became known that an entire tank battalion had been transferred to the Donbass. As it turned out, we are talking about 30 T-64 tanks, which were delivered almost to the very front by train. The data in this regard are confirmed by the information contained in the OSCE report.

According to information at the disposal of the news agency, 30 T-64 tanks were transferred to the railway station in the village of Pokrovsk. This happened last Saturday. In addition to tanks, several army trucks and about two hundred Ukrainian servicemen also arrived here, which raises serious concern amid the emergence of information that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing an offensive in Donbass this month.

It is known that as of the morning of December 7, Ukrainian military equipment has already been unloaded, but the direction of its advance is still unknown. According to a number of estimates, the tanks could have been deployed in the direction of N of the item. Yasinovatoe, where high activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was noticed over the past week.

Despite the absence of official statements regarding the start of the offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, it became known that the positions of the Ukrainian troops are gradually shifting eastward. In particular, earlier it became known about the advancement of the Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​the settlement. Staromaryevka, Yasnoe, etc.

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In the photo, judging by the rollers, it is not T-64 at all.

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Vyacheslav V: "They conduct exercises on their territory, what are the questions?" Yes, no. On its territory with a special regime established by the Minsk Agreements, which were adopted by the parties and approved by the UN

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