Against the background of the closure of the Russian naval base in Sudan, the US military arrived here

The US military arrived in Sudan amid reports of a Russian ban on building its naval base.

A few days ago, the news agency Avia.pro reported that Sudan had tore up an agreement previously concluded with Russia to enable the construction of a Russian naval base in the city of Port Sudan. The Russian side reported that it had not received the relevant notifications, however, Sudan promised to comment on the appearance of this information officially. Against the background of this information, it became known that a group of American military advisers and diplomats arrived in Sudan, which obviously confirms the data that a Russian naval base in Sudan will not appear, at least in the near future.

“It is in Port Sudan, a Sudanese city overlooking the Red Sea, that [between Sudan and the United States - approx. Ed.] another clash between the United States and Russia over the military-political and economic penetration of the two superpowers into the African continent. The Sudanese authorities have decided to freeze a bilateral agreement with Russia signed in Khartoum on November 16, 2020, which authorized the construction of a naval base for the Russian military in Port Sudan. The Sudanese government allegedly explained that the agreement with the Russian Ministry of Defense, "signed by the previous regime," is "suspended pending its approval by the legislature.", - reports the publication "Girodivite".

There are no official comments from the Sudanese authorities on this matter, however, the Borken newspaper reports that the Russian military command has already been summoned to the Sudanese authorities, where a demand was voiced to leave the territory of the state.

“It is reported that Sudan is seeking the evacuation of Russian equipment sent to Port Sudan to build a military base in the region. In addition, Sudan "demanded that the Russian general withdraw all military equipment, radars and communication devices that were installed at the base.", - the newspaper reports.

Experts believe that under pressure from Washington, Russia could indeed lose its military base in Sudan, where it was supposed to permanently base 4 warships with tactical weapons.