At the Army-2021 forum, the Russian military showed a terrible result when firing from the Kornet ATGM. Video

The Russian military showed one of the worst results when firing from the Kornet ATGM.

Despite the fact that the Russian Kornet anti-tank missile system is considered one of the best in the world and is capable of guaranteed destruction of enemy tanks at distances of up to 10 kilometers, as part of the demonstration of these ATGMs at the Army-2021 forum, the Russian military showed a very poor result when shooting from these complexes at a distance three times less than the maximum.

The video footage shows one of the episodes of the demonstration of Russian weapons as part of the Army-2021 forum, in which the Russian military is firing at enemy tanks from the Kornet anti-tank missile system from the Berezhok combat module on the BMP-2. Despite the comments of the commentator, it can be seen that only one out of three missiles was able to hit its target, which is a demonstration of very low efficiency.

It is not known what exactly caused such a poor result of firing from the Kornet ATGM, however, a similar situation was observed last year. Now concerns are raised as to whether this is due to the qualifications of the Russian military or due to the insufficient effectiveness of both the Kornet ATGM and the Berezhok combat module.

I don't know about you, but I, for example, learned from the first video that the Russian flag has a red top stripe. And from the second video I learned that the rear of the tank is called "stern". Apparently after the shots, the commander gives the order to the crew: "Whistle everyone in the stern!"

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It turns out that these "Cornets" are absolutely not effective. What century are we living in? There should not be a weapon that so much depends on the qualifications of the operator. You need such a weapon "aimed, launched and forgotten."

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I would have understood the radio broadcast, but here the picture is clear, and there are not so many blind people. So that his salary would fly into the account like "a rocket hits a tank ... practically at the edge of a forest."

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I think this is due to the low qualification of the crews with the fire of the UR, not every day they shoot in the UR units, they are very expensive

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commentator are you even blind? I didn’t see the missiles miss the target.

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I do not know how and what the rocket hits, but the commentator definitely strikes with a shamelessly false presentation of information.



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