New serious clashes on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan

New clashes began on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

A few hours ago, on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, new clashes broke out between the military personnel of the two countries, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage, which was at the disposal of the news agency

On the videos presented, one can see the flared up territorial conflict between the Armenian and Azerbaijani military in the border area of ​​the Syunik region. It is known that Azerbaijani soldiers violated the border and settled on the territory of Armenia, in connection with which the Armenian soldiers were sent to the scene of the incident and tried to knock the Azerbaijani army out of the region, which, accordingly, escalated into new clashes. At the moment, it is known that the matter has not yet reached the point of armed clashes, however, the situation in the region is rapidly heating up, especially against the background of reports that at least 20 Turkish servicemen violated the border with Armenia.

At the moment, it remains unknown exactly how many Azerbaijani soldiers violated the border with Armenia, however, it was previously reported that it could be about a thousand people.

Let them fight, no need to separate them, they will not appreciate it, but will make the peacekeepers extreme and will secretly fire at them