New clashes broke out on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia

There were several explosions on the border of the two countries.

A few hours ago, the Azerbaijani military opened fire on the territory of Armenia using heavy weapons. As a result of numerous strikes using mortars and large-caliber artillery, the Armenian army suffered losses. At the same time, the fortified areas were destroyed, in fact, holding back the Azerbaijani troops from the offensive.

According to the Armenian side, the attack from Azerbaijan began due to Baku's aggression. The same information was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

“As a result of a new attack by Azerbaijan, three Armenian servicemen were killed today in the territory of Armenia. This is an attack on the independence, sovereignty and democracy of Armenia. Azerbaijani invasion must be condemned and stopped”- said the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

Azerbaijan confirms the fact of strikes on the positions of the Armenian military, however. deny involvement in the escalation.

“The information disseminated by the Armenian side about the violation of the truce by the units of the Azerbaijan Army by firing from mortars and large-caliber small arms does not correspond to reality. By spreading such messages, the Armenian Ministry of Defense is trying to hide the fact of violation of the truce by the Armenian side. We inform you that the units of the Azerbaijan Army took adequate response measures only in order to suppress the enemy’s firing points.”, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reports.

It is also noteworthy that the Armenian opposition is also not sure that Azerbaijan is involved in the situation. In particular, it is reported that the shooting at the border was really arranged by the Armenian side, contrary to orders not to create provocations.


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