Fighter F-16


On the border of Egypt and the Libyan military plane crash

The counterterrorist operation in Egypt ended with a plane crash of a military aircraft.

According to information received by news agency, the Egyptian armed forces carried out a counter-terrorist operation near the Libyan border, but as a result of a technical failure in the combat aircraft system, it crashed, resulting in four deaths. It is noted that on board the aircraft were two people, while, during the fall, the plane fell on a car convoy, resulting in two more people were killed and at least three injured.

Experts are very skeptical about the official report of the incident, arguing that the aircraft most likely was shot down from a portable anti-aircraft missile complex, since if it were a technical malfunction, then most likely the crew of the aircraft would have attempted to eject. would the military manage so quickly to establish the cause of the catastrophe if it were of a technical nature.


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