Hundreds of units of American military equipment spotted on the border of Poland and Ukraine

On the border of Poland and Ukraine, a high activity of American military equipment was noticed.

Several hundred armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, army trucks and other military equipment were seen near the border with Ukraine. What caused such activity is still unknown, however, we can talk about sending military equipment to Ukraine, as evidenced by the M113 armored personnel carriers transported on special platforms, HMMWV and International MaxxPro armored vehicles, and other weapons.

There were no official statements from Ukraine and the United States regarding the transfer of military equipment to the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that night, however, the activity of German military equipment was observed here earlier, which subsequently arrived in Ukraine in less than three days.

On the video frames, you can see the most diverse military equipment and, which is very remarkable, all of it has already been supplied to the Ukrainian military, which also, albeit indirectly, confirms the shipment of this weapon to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the military equipment presented in the video footage appeared here literally 72 hours ago, i.e., we are not talking about the US forces previously deployed on the territory of Poland.


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