High NATO activity recorded on the border with Finland and Russia

On the territory of Finland, in close proximity to the Russian border, large-scale military exercises of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance called Nordic Response 2024 began. The event, which attracted the attention of the world media, in particular the Associated Press, provides for the active participation of more than 20 thousand military personnel from different countries, in including the newly formed NATO members – Finland and Sweden. The exercise, scheduled from March 4 to 15, will take place not only on Finnish territory, but also in the northern regions of Norway and Sweden, indicating large-scale preparations by the alliance.

The Nordic Response 2024 maneuvers will involve various types of troops - ground, air and sea forces. More than 50 ships are expected to participate, including frigates and submarines, as well as more than 100 aircraft, ranging from fighter jets to helicopters.

The purpose of the exercise, according to the NATO command, is to practice the alliance’s actions in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. The maneuvers are the largest of their kind since the Cold War, highlighting growing tensions between NATO countries and the Russian Federation.


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