Six Russian combat helicopters spotted on the border with Syria

Russian combat helicopters spotted 15 kilometers from the Russian-Turkish border.

After Turkey announced that it had no intention to hold any consultations with Russia regarding Ankara’s military operation in northern Syria, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry accused Russia of failing to fulfill its obligations in Syria, it became known that at least six Russian military helicopters were seen 15 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. This could be a demonstration to Ankara that Russia intends to protect the territory of Syria from Turkish attacks.

The video footage shows Russian Ka-52 and Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters flying near the city of Tell Rifat, located just 15 kilometers from the border with Turkey. The unusual activity of Russian military aviation attracted the attention of the Turkish military. However, it is still unknown what exactly is the reason for the appearance of Russian military aviation in this region of Syria.

Earlier it became known that the Russian military deployed army trucks and towed artillery to the north of Syria, which, due to their range, may well reach several Turkish military bases located on the border with Syria.



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