A tunnel with dozens of new Turkish tanks was discovered on the border of Turkey and Syria - the Aerospace Forces are preparing to destroy them with one blow

Discovered the largest depot of Turkish tanks and weapons transferred by Turkish troops to Syrian jihadists.

After Turkey again transferred its weapons to Syria, which were subsequently transferred to jihadists and Turkish mercenaries, experts managed to find one of the largest warehouses with weapons, which may contain dozens of new tanks, armored personnel carriers and ammunition. According to experts, in the next few hours the Russian Aerospace Forces will deliver a powerful blow to the militants, destroying an almost 250-meter tunnel, several hundred militants and all the equipment transferred to them.

In the presented image, a place with a 241-meter tunnel was found, in which there may also be a network of branches, which makes it possible to store up to a hundred tanks and other combat vehicles here. Against the background of the elections scheduled in Syria, experts do not exclude that jihadists can attack territories and settlements with civilians, and therefore, the tunnel is guaranteed to be one of the most important goals of the CAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Moreover, according to the assumptions of analysts, in order to liquidate the underground military base of the militants, the ships of the Russian Navy may also be involved - a powerful strike with the Kalibr cruise missiles will quickly destroy the jihadists.

Firstly, Russia, having announced this, allowed Turkey to remove its equipment.
Secondly, this part of Syria is under the control of Turkey, agreed with Russia and by destroying this equipment which is undoubtedly controlled by the Turkish military, Russia will actually unleash a war with Turkey with which it is completely unprepared and not going to. Therefore, all this is one propaganda nonsense.

read carefully ..... with branches

And now they will wait from which hole they will climb.

The width of the tunnel seems to be not specified. They can stand in several rows. Most likely they are.

even if the tanks are stacked one on top of the other, at 240 meters a hundred vehicles cannot fit

They don't fight like that, giving the enemy time to withdraw their weapons from under fire! By announcing their plans in advance, the Aerospace Forces allow the enemy to disperse the tanks, which will nullify the effectiveness of the Russian Aerospace Forces strike or require huge forces for this.

the sooner the better, the main thing is more

strange, but this tunnel is also on Yandex maps and it has been there for a long time, because the railway passes there. and what is marked on the photo by the tank has been there for a long time

So direct and "hundreds of tanks" ?! Rusvesna can also distribute tickets for the audience on the show "Bombing" !?