Irkut aircraft plant


A record number of aircraft will be built at Irkut

In 2015 the plant "Irkut" intends to build 60 aircraft.

A record in the history of the Irkutsk aviation company built a number of aircraft is primarily due to the existing order, and in addition, experts believe that intensive measures for the production of the aircraft associated with the need to free up time in the next year for the production of advanced Russian airliners MS-21.

Aircraft plant "Irkut" is one of the largest airlines located in the Russian Federation. Currently, the plant is building a combat fighters Su-30 and combat training aircraft Yak-130Intended for use on the territory of the country and for export to other countries.

According to the information portal, profit Irkutsk aircraft factory in the year 2015 2 grow almost twice in comparison with the previous year.


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