Engines with rust on a Su-57 fighter

The rusty engines on the Russian Su-57 fighter rocked social networks.

The photo of the Russian Su-57 fighter caused a serious resonance in social networks, which resulted in the engines of a combat aircraft damaged by corrosion. Judging by the photographs, we are talking about engines of the so-called "First stage", however, on the Web this was the occasion for lively debate.

“Rusty engines on the latest fighter ... It's just kapets (ed.)”

“I really want to believe that this is just a reflection of natural light, however, all this obviously indicates a banal sloppiness”

“Corrosion on the latest combat aircraft ... the latest”

Nevertheless, a number of users believe that we are not talking about corrosion, and the special color of the engines is due to the high temperature of fuel combustion.

“Are you out of your mind?” Where did you see the brilliance corrosion? This is a banal warm-up that caused the colors to run away. ”

“Before you criticize, look at the photos of the engines of any aircraft, and you will realize that you are mistaken”

It should be clarified that the editors of the information and news resource do not have data on when exactly this picture was taken, however, experts completely exclude the version that we are talking about traces of extreme corrosion

“As was already correctly noted, the presence of a shiny surface indicates the fact that we are not talking about corrosion. The most likely is simply a strong warming up of the engines during the flight, which could really cause the colors to run out ”, - the expert notes.

Nothing will help the victims of the exam ...

Everywhere, experts and experts begin to write about what they don’t have a clue about, because they didn’t ask how to cover the engines with sexual or gouache paint.

Dreaming is not bad ...

But is it not an afterburner, but the temperature there - be healthy!

Everything we have is rusty and bad. One hundred years of aircraft (especially SU-57). They are made from scrap metal from landfills! And UWB are fine fellows !!!!!!!!!!

What if it’s a ride? Though a little muck to sell, for joy

Do not sting!) This is not rust, because it is not cast iron and 3 steel!))))

Rust on engines created on the basis of stainless materials can only be seen by a complete ... kapets.