Street surveillance cameras hit by Kh-31 cruise missile

The devastating consequences of the Kh-31 cruise missile strike were caught on surveillance video.

Less than a day ago, the X-31 cruise missile was spotted moments before its strike. The corresponding video was made by an outdoor surveillance camera.

A few moments later, a powerful explosion thundered, the shock wave from which spread over more than a kilometer in diameter, and fragments of the destroyed object were found at a distance of 400 meters from the epicenter of the explosion.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Kh-31 cruise missile almost vertically strikes the object. The flight path is very uncharacteristic for this cruise missile, which caused a number of questions regarding what kind of weapons in question. Nevertheless, even for a few moments, a rocket that appeared in the frame is quite enough to identify this ammunition.

Despite the fact that the video captured the moment of the cruise missile strike, the circumstances of such a strike remain unknown, as there are no official comments on this matter yet. Nevertheless, according to a number of data, foreign mercenaries could be located on the territory of the destroyed object.