Kazakhstan was attacked by the Tablighi Jamaat terrorists, closely associated with the Taliban, Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

Kazakhstan was attacked by the Tablighi Jamaat terrorists, closely associated with the largest terrorist groups in the world.

The authorities of Kazakhstan have found out that the attack on the country is not backed by ordinary radicals, but by terrorists of one of the largest terrorist groups in the world - Tablighi Jamaat (banned in Russia - editor's note), which is closely related to the Islamic State * terrorist group , the Al-Qaeda * terrorist organization and the Taliban * terrorist movement, which has an estimated 70 million followers. The attack on Kazakhstan was carefully planned and coordinated, according to a number of sources, from Pakistan.

According to the assumptions made, the protests themselves in Kazakhstan were indeed initially peaceful, however, the terrorists quickly took advantage of the situation and attacked the republic. At the same time, there are a number of serious assumptions that the information given to the militants was "merged" by the security forces and the country's leadership, since the likelihood that 20 thousand terrorists were able to penetrate the country unnoticed through the borders of neighboring Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan is extremely small.

At the moment, the situation in Kazakhstan has been stabilized, however, about 10 thousand more militants can launch new attacks, in connection with which a special operation is being carried out throughout the country to find and eliminate terrorists and radicals.

Experts note that thanks to the Russian military, the seizure of this Central Asian country was prevented, although at the moment the militants still remain on the territory of Kazakhstan.

* prohibited on the territory of Russia

Does the West oversee MI-4?
And the north - MI-3?
Did you personally report this to MI6?

Anyone among those responsible should not be irresponsible.

The ide is healthy!

Jemaat Tablighi is NOT a terrorist society at all !!! Adherents from among them have never been seen among the radicals !!! There were thugs associated with IS, Al Qaeda, etc. Western intelligence services did a good job with Massimov and his friends. That's all!!!

quite right

it is less than in Syria

No external aggression. The security services profiled everything or, on the contrary, ensured the return of their militants from Syria and other countries.

There is no doubt that for all the past and future, the Nazarbayev family will be cursed! Let him always remember and wait.

if the attack was planned, then the rise in gas prices in Kazakhstan was a signal for an attack. so who planned the attack then?

I remember the story of Chekhov "Frightened". After such stories, half of the intelligentsia will flee from the country as from Afghanistan. And it is also interesting - will the talks on cooperation with Afghanistan continue?

The article contains assumptions about some "coincidences." Everything was carefully prepared and coordinated, but by whom - so far the question.

Kazakhstanis attacked Kazakhstan, it was necessary to flirt less with the Saudis and other Muslim movements ... We set up mosques and thought that this was enough for the people to bury their foreheads in the rugs while Grandfather and his accomplices saw through the country ... And now our paratroopers "are fighting off "military objects ... And where are the Kazakh Armed Forces? No. They are themselves to blame. They brought the situation to the point, we thought it would work somehow, but there were guys who also wanted to go to the trough, where the family of the Father of the People was munching with might and main ...

Vostok oversees MI6. This is the coordinator of the "factions".

Twenty thousand terrorists alone?
Yes, it's maybe more than in Syria))