On the Chinese armored vehicles noticed a tactical sign "Z"

Tactical signs "Z" were noticed on Chinese military equipment.

Chinese military equipment, deployed in the Chinese province of Fujian against the backdrop of a sharp aggravation of relations with Taiwan, was marked with special tactical signs "Z". The corresponding photos were published by residents of the southern Chinese province.

In the above image, which appeared in the Chinese messenger "We Chat", you can see that the armored car Dongfeng Mengshi EQ2050 of the People's Liberation Army of China is marked with a special tactical sign "Z". What exactly caused the application of the “Z” sign on military equipment remains unknown, however, judging by the information of local residents, such a case is far from the only one, although the phenomenon of special marking is not widespread.

According to a number of assumptions, in this way the PLA Armed Forces mark certain groups of their units to ensure effective interaction, however, there are suggestions that in this way the PRC supports Russia in its special military operation, especially since the situation in neighboring Taiwan is completely different. . However, by the current hour, there are no official statements on this subject from the PRC authorities and the PLA command.