State of emergency declared at largest US base in Syria amid threat of unprecedented strike

A state of emergency has been declared at the American military base at Al-Tanf.

After Syria, Iran and a number of other groups and formations supporting Damascus and Tehran confirmed the preparation of an attack on the US military base at Al-Tanfe, it became known that a state of emergency had been declared on the territory of the largest US military facility in Syria. The blow, according to preliminary data, can be delivered both from the territory of Iran and from the territory of Syria itself.

According to preliminary information, the strike is planned to be implemented within the next 24 hours. At the same time, the American military will not be the only target - the territory of Israel will also be attacked.

At the moment, it is known that the air and missile defense systems deployed in the Al-Tanf region have been brought to the highest alert. In the skies over Syria itself and neighboring Iraq, American strike early warning and reconnaissance aircraft are flying, intending to warn American troops in the event of a surprise strike. A similar situation is observed on the Israeli-Syrian border.

According to experts, the attack on Israel and the US base will be delivered at night. Moreover, experts draw attention to the very serious intentions of Syria and the allied forces of this country to attack countries that took part in the aggression.

read carefully about airplanes ..

Do it right

I wonder why the Syrians warn in advance about a retaliatory strike? To then shrug your shoulders and say that nothing happened?

The further, the more interesting. An interesting time, comrades!