Iran's largest military facilities spotted the deployment of ballistic missiles for the announced strike on Israel

Iran has begun deploying ballistic missile systems.

After Tehran announced the launching of missile strikes on Israeli territory in response to the elimination of a high-ranking scientist by the Israeli special services, who made a huge contribution to the acquisition of the Islamic Republic of nuclear weapons, very high activity was noticed at large military facilities in Iran - according to sources, several dozen missile complexes equipped with medium and long-range ballistic missiles were moved to firing positions, which completely repeats the situation with Tehran's strikes on US military bases in Iraq.

According to sources, satellites recorded the deployment of at least 20 missile systems throughout Iran, which potentially allows us to assert that Iran is ready to strike at Israel with 20 ballistic missiles at once, which had never been intercepted in Tel Aviv.

“Until now, Israel has practiced only interception of rockets, which can hardly be called missiles. Tel Aviv may face huge problems with Iranian ballistic missiles, and judging by the current situation, Tehran is ready to demonstrate its power. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

Earlier, experts said that Iran could strike within the next 72 hours.

As long as Iran, Russia and other countries sell their resources on the British exchanges for US dollars, everything will continue.

Along the way, a Jew will soon need to wander in the desert, look for a new place !!!!!!!!!!!! Free on the moon, while China has not yet staked out that !!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like the population of Israel with the population of the city of Peter will soon have a hard time ...

While some allow ministers to apologize to kill their citizens, others are responsible adequately.

Really? And Iran, which is Russia's rival, the Shiite majority against the Sunnis of Russia? Is he not an enemy of Russia? And what is Israel's enemy of Russia?

Let's wait and see how Iran does it. Israel has tensed, one senses the "brave" comments of the Jews.

Unfortunately, Israel is only delaying the inevitable. But you can just make a dirty warhead. O Almighty, it is not necessary to shoot down such over your territory and a nuclear bomb.

Israel has gone completely overboard, and what is most unpleasant is that Israel's actions are directed against Russia.

It would not hurt Putin to support Iran, thereby putting Israel in its place. Israel is an enemy for Russia.

Definitely not America. The rockets will be much less sufficient for him. And not far at all.

So let's check the ability to intercept amateurs 7 40.))))

that is, Israel can kill citizens of foreign states? And the rest are bad?

Iran, not Russia. Will not be silent. If Israel is bombed. So it was necessary. So it's time to put Israel in its place. And then he really thinks himself a "master" of the Middle East.

And what does Israel care about Iran. Ishral considers himself entitled to climb into a foreign country?

You need to negotiate, not fight

NATHAN And what will Israel do? War on Iran? The spirit is not enough !!! They can only jackal in foreign territory where there is no cover from air attacks ... If there is a bombing from Iran ... Of course, there are big doubts, the maximum that Netanyahu will do is run to Biden to cry, save the pier from Iran ...

Probably you do not live in Israel like this and brave

Israel is not America. Will not be silent. If he destroyed the atomic Iranian freak. So it was necessary. So it's time to put Iran in its place. And then he really thinks himself a "master" of the Middle East.

1002 Iranian warning for Israel ...... scary as much horror ..........