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Cuba could host hundreds of Zircon hypersonic missiles

The emergence of a Russian naval base will destroy the US fleet in 12 minutes.

After information appeared that a large Russian naval base could be established in Cuba by 2030, experts suggested that the key goal of its creation was to ship several hundred Zircon hypersonic missiles to the area. Taking into account the range of these missiles, and according to the latest data, it reaches 2 thousand kilometers, all US command centers, naval bases, air force bases and strategic objects located in the eastern, central and southeastern parts of the United States can be destroyed by one attack in just 12 minutes.

“The deployment of strategic forces on the territory of Cuba no longer makes any sense, since the United States can easily strike at already known coordinates. With the ships of the Russian Navy, everything is much more complicated, and it is simply impossible to intercept these missiles with the existing air defense / missile defense systems in service with the United States. If there is such a desire, absolutely nothing will be left of Washington in just 10 minutes ", - the expert marks.

To date, the tests of the Zircon hypersonic missiles are actively continuing, however, the Russian military plans to equip dozens of ships with these weapons, which will become a real horror for the American fleet.

Are you aware that since 2014 Russian ammunition factories have been operating in three shifts?

"Thousands of Zircons ??"

And the Uzbeks were asked from the top, will they come to you to make them?
Did you ask Donald for details?
Or maybe 14 pieces - as always, our favorite figure, on which they like to end production.

Or it may not be. Why not 3020? Or maybe it was a janitor ... or maybe he wasn't ..