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In Cuba, appeared Russian cruise missiles "Caliber"

In Cuba, Russian “Calibres” appeared reaching the USA.

A group of ships of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy a few hours ago arrived in Cuba, delivering to the coast of this country one of the most formidable Russian missiles, the Caliber. Considering the flight range of Russian cruise missiles, they are quite capable of protecting the entire Caribbean region and are fully capable of reaching the territory of the United States.

The Caliber missile is armed with the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which has 16 cruise missiles of this type. What exactly the goals of the Russian warships arrived on the Caribbean, so far remains unknown, however, it was previously reported that the purpose of the appearance of the ships of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy here is to "perform some tasks."

It should be clarified that initially the experts assumed that after the passage of the Panama Canal, Russian warships would go to the shores of Venezuela, where the political situation is still extremely difficult, however, obviously, the hike involved entering the port of the Cuban capital, after which it was possible that the ships they will also advance to the shores of Venezuela, which, however, has not yet received official confirmation.

Earlier there were reports that in the event Russia’s withdrawal from nuclear weapons deals with the United States, Cuba, as well as Venezuela, Russian nuclear missiles may well appear, but this information has been refuted by the Russian side.


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