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In Cuba, appeared Russian cruise missiles "Caliber"

In Cuba, Russian “Calibres” appeared reaching the USA.

A group of ships of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy a few hours ago arrived in Cuba, delivering to the coast of this country one of the most formidable Russian missiles, the Caliber. Considering the flight range of Russian cruise missiles, they are quite capable of protecting the entire Caribbean region and are fully capable of reaching the territory of the United States.

The Caliber missile is armed with the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which has 16 cruise missiles of this type. What exactly the goals of the Russian warships arrived on the Caribbean, so far remains unknown, however, it was previously reported that the purpose of the appearance of the ships of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy here is to "perform some tasks."

It should be clarified that initially the experts assumed that after the passage of the Panama Canal, Russian warships would go to the shores of Venezuela, where the political situation is still extremely difficult, however, obviously, the hike involved entering the port of the Cuban capital, after which it was possible that the ships they will also advance to the shores of Venezuela, which, however, has not yet received official confirmation.

Earlier there were reports that in the event Russia’s withdrawal from nuclear weapons deals with the United States, Cuba, as well as Venezuela, Russian nuclear missiles may well appear, but this information has been refuted by the Russian side.

Do you think they are not there? Our submarines are constantly on duty there, otherwise the Americans would do what they wanted with us.

As long as American nuclear weapons are located near our borders, Moscow is simply obliged to deploy its nuclear warheads in a similar way with respect to the United States.

President, who revived the Russian army and made it one of the best armies in the world! (in spite of the rashristan heritage from the treacherous rule of the two perestroika leaders of the Central Committee of the CPSU), and who thus raised the country's international prestige to leading positions - is worthy of the bronze and glory of Peter the Great!

And the president, who caused outrage and hatred of the people towards his domestic policy, towards his incapable and unwilling to work for the good of Russia and the people of officials whose main activity is aimed at personal enrichment, when their “offshore” schemes go down on brakes - is not worthy of the above honors.

What is the golden mean? And is it possible?

How balm nA soul!
One more thing.
We agree! There can be only one way to destroy our missiles: in Washington!
NATO demands from Russia to destroy SSC-8 missiles in five weeks

in Tula at Mashzavod

I would still advise Volodya to send our invisible submarines stuffed with our calibers to the shores of the USA. Then the Americans would have shut up with threats against other states. And at the same time they would have demanded that NATO bases be removed from the Russian borders.

Do you know?

judging by your rhetoric, you know where everything comes from)))))

until the statue caliber Nun nag 3 hours

Volodya to Cuba must be returned in full as in his time the Soviet Union was there and vyaknut something no one could vot something like that

6 minutes and no statue of liberty!

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That's great! In Cuba in Venezuela!

That's it! Mirror must answer! And to show that Russia is also able to be angry, and not just negotiate!

Well, you and Kunnul, whip already 16 continents

Here on the forum, some IxPerDy called the Caliber missiles obsolete. So, for your information, iksperdy, "- this is the newest cruise missile in the world, while having outstanding TTDs. Doodles fucking ... and come to the forum, and even try to argue!

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Then she may disappear.

Tomahawks will change to bacon

That's right, that arrived in Cuba, you need to go back to
due to the fact that the US is stationing its armed forces
near the borders of Russia.

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Newer "axes" will be) Well, the option 16х500кТ at least greatly upset America.) They will not laugh, definitely)))

Is it from the museum of the indigenous people of America.

Sergey vain neighing.
16 missiles, Xashinkton-type 16 cities

Well, then the Ukrainians either lose them or they will sell us.

Kirdyk will then be all Khokhlov

16 old missiles to all of America ??

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and if Tomahawks appear in response in Ukraine ???

Great news!

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