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Explosions occurred at the French boat base in Izmail

Tonight a series of explosions occurred in the Odessa region. According to sources, explosions were recorded at military logistics facilities in Izmail, used for transshipment of fuels and lubricants, weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and occurred despite allegations of downed drones.

It is known that there were at least four attacks on objects in Izmail. These data raise doubts about the reliability of the statements of Kyiv proxies in Odessa and call into question the effectiveness of the Ukrainian air defense system.

In addition to Izmail, explosions also occurred in Reni, another Danube port in the Odessa region.

At the moment, the details of the night strikes have not been announced, however, remarkably, in Izmail arrived four French military patrol boats. This does not exclude the possibility that they could have been the target.


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