Soldiers spotted at the site of the destroyed crossing over the Seversky Donets

The military was noticed at the crossing over the Seversky Donets, where more than 100 pieces of equipment were destroyed.

A group of servicemen and mercenaries was seen at the destroyed crossing over the Seversky Donets, near the settlement of Belogorovka. According to satellite and drone data, more than 100 armored and non-armored vehicles were destroyed here by powerful artillery fire.

In the presented photograph, you can see a group of servicemen directly at the crossing itself, where the latter, obviously, examined the damaged and destroyed military equipment.

The photographs show destroyed infantry fighting vehicles and tanks. Moreover, apparently, part of the equipment was simply abandoned, since no critical damage was detected on it, at least visually. It was not possible to reliably determine the type of destroyed and damaged combat vehicles in the presented photograph, since it lacks any special marks and characteristic features.

On the opposite bank of the river, you can see a large amount of destroyed equipment, some of which turned upside down in the water. This indicates the fact that it was destroyed directly while crossing the water barrier.