At the site of a helicopter shot down in Ukraine, they found a helmet of a NATO pilot

At the site of a helicopter shot down in Ukraine, a NATO pilot's helmet was found.

In Ukraine, at the site of a downed helicopter, a helmet used by NATO countries and the US Air Force was found. This, as we found out, is about the HGU-56 / P ABH tactical helmet, which is actively used by the air forces of NATO member countries, as well as by American military pilots. Officially, such flight helmets are not in service with the Ukrainian Air Force. This points to the fact that either an active American military pilot or a mercenary with piloting skills could fly the downed helicopter.

The photo shown is said to show the crash site of the downed helicopter. Apparently, we are talking about the Mi-8 helicopter, which could be used for strikes. Three more photos show the HGU-56/P ABH NATO tactical helmet found at the crash site. The latter was seriously burned and received serious injuries, including critical ones from the upper part of the head. This may indicate the fact that the pilot died.

To date, this may be the first evidence that NATO pilots or retired military pilots from NATO countries are taking part in the hostilities, although no official statements have been made in this regard.


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