A 20-meter funnel formed at the site of a warehouse destroyed by Russia with hundreds of Himars missiles

There were pictures of the destroyed warehouse with missiles for the Himars MLRS.

Satellite images taken by the Sentinel-2 spacecraft confirm the destruction of a warehouse with several hundred missiles for the American Himars MLRS on the western outskirts of Uman. The blow of the Russian military fell exactly on the warehouse, as a result of which a huge funnel formed on the site of the latter, which can be seen even from space.

A satellite image taken on July 8, 2022 shows a warehouse located west of Uman. The latter still does not have any damage, however, it already has about 300 missiles for the Himars MLRS. After only a day, a high-precision weapon hit the warehouse with American missiles, as a result of which a huge crater was formed in its place, with an estimated diameter of about 20 meters. Moreover, the wreckage of the building in which the ammunition was stored was scattered within a radius of several hundred meters, which is also captured in the corresponding satellite image.

The loss of such a large number of missiles for the Himars MLRS clearly affected the use of these weapons by the Ukrainian military, as evidenced by the fact that now the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not carried out with the strike of a whole package of missiles, but are limited to the launch of several missiles.

What kind of weapons were used to strike at the warehouse with missiles for the Himars MLRS, the Russian Defense Ministry did not specify.


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