A crater with a diameter of about 30 meters was found at the site of the destroyed ammunition depot.

At the site of the destroyed ammunition depot, a colossal crater formed.

At the site of the ammunition depot destroyed on July 2, spacecraft recorded a huge funnel. The strength of the explosion and the detonation of a huge amount of ammunition could be judged by the strongest explosion captured by the drone camera, and, apparently, as a result of an accurate hit, the ammonium nitrate warehouse was also destroyed, as evidenced by the resulting orange cloud.

On the presented video frames, you can see the first moments after an unidentified projectile hit the ammunition depot. Initially, this caused a small fire, however, after a few moments, a very large explosion occurred, a cloud of smoke and flame from which rose to a height of several hundred meters.

A day ago, satellite images also appeared, which managed to capture the consequences of the explosion - there was practically nothing left about the former complex of structures where the ammunition was stored - in its place a huge funnel was found, with a diameter of about 30 meters. Moreover, a photograph taken from a drone subsequently appeared - on it you can see the figure of a person in the formed funnel, which indicates the scale of the explosion.