A multi-kilometer anomaly was discovered at the site of an unknown rocket explosion

Satellite images of a nuclear disaster in Nyonoks spotted an unknown anomaly of tens of kilometers.

Western experts, using photographs taken by spacecraft, discerned in the White Sea an unusual anomaly, several tens of kilometers long, which could be special equipment enclosing the area in which the power plant for an unknown rocket with radioactive isotopes exploded.

Initially, a proposal was made that it was about the environment left by the sea vessel, but the length of the sea track tens of kilometers long made experts doubt it.

It is noteworthy that, according to officially unconfirmed reports, toxic fuel wastes in the tested power plant could be in the water, and therefore, the arguments that an artificial barrier was imprinted on a satellite image could be reliable.

It should be clarified that at the moment, the background radiation in the region is within the normal range (according to official data - approx. Ed.), However, information on the ingress of toxic fuel elements into the water has not yet received any comments.

If “control of chaos” is introduced into the norm for ALL states, then it will not be surprising that the planet EARTH has become a complete anomaly.



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