9 military vehicles were destroyed in the minefield near Ugledar at one intersection

In the area of ​​Ugledar, at one of the intersections, 9 military vehicles were already blown up by mines.

A small crossroads, located in the Ugledar-Pavlovka-Nikolskoye triangle, was given the unspoken name "cemetery" because of the large amount of military equipment lost here. As it turned out, mines were the culprit. Moreover, apparently, at the crossroads, military equipment was not destroyed at the same time, and mines are laid here almost with a regular frequency.

On video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see how another convoy of military equipment is moving in the direction of the intersection. Trying to bypass the already damaged and destroyed combat vehicles, the tank runs into another mine and receives serious damage, becoming the 9th combat vehicle at this intersection.

This fact indicates that the enemy is actively using remote mine-laying vehicles, thereby compensating for his own heavy losses.

Today, Vuhledar is considered one of the hottest areas on the front line. Moreover, judging by earlier statements, this is due precisely to the fact that the territory on the outskirts of the city is constantly mined.


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