Snake Island


Hotbeds of fires recorded on Zmeiny Island

Fires have been recorded on Snake Island.

In the eastern part of Zmeiny Island, at least two powerful burning centers were recorded. This is evidenced by satellite images provided by Maxar, where you can see that one of the fires is located near the pier, while the second one was recorded to the east.

In the presented satellite image, taken after the Russian military left Zmeiny Island, several fires can be recorded. The circumstances and reasons for the start of the fires are unknown - no official statements have been made in this regard.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that most of the infrastructure on Zmeiny Island has been destroyed - there are traces of impacts and fires. At the same time, the Ukrainian side stated that so far it has no plans to occupy the island.

Judging by satellite images, we are talking about fairly serious fires - a plume of smoke from them stretched for a distance of about a kilometer. At the same time, NASA satellite images indicate that we are not talking about a long-term fire, since at the moment there is no open burning on the island.