A crack about 2 meters long appeared on the deck of the newest Chinese aircraft carrier Fujian

There was a problem with the third Chinese aircraft carrier, the Fujian, which was launched last year - a large crack formed on its deck. This incident is a major problem for the Chinese navy, which is actively working to expand its carrier fleet.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such problems have arisen with Chinese aircraft carriers. In 2021, a similar situation occurred with the second Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong. It also discovered a significant crack in her deck, raising serious questions about the quality of construction and use of materials.

The only exception is the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, which in the past was the Soviet Varyag. With the hull of this ship, throughout all the years of operation, there were no problems, which confirms the high standards used in its original construction.

These incidents raise questions about the technical reliability and safety of China's latest aircraft carriers. Perhaps these problems are related to the rapid expansion of the Chinese fleet and the accelerated pace of building new ships. In any case, the future of the Chinese carrier fleet now does not seem so certain and, apparently, many technical problems and challenges remain to be overcome.


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