At the parade in Kiev, they noticed a tank glued with tape "... so that it does not fall apart"

The Ukrainian Armed Forces disgraced themselves in preparation for the parade with a tank glued with tape.

As part of the preparation for the military parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, which will be held in Kiev, the Armed Forces of Ukraine faced a very big embarrassment. As it turned out, in order to save time on preparing for the martial arts parade, the technicians decided not to apply pixel camouflage on the T-84BM Oplot tank, but simply pasted over it with masking tape, which was immediately revealed by the public and the triumph of the Kiev parade quickly turned into criticism.

On the materials presented, you can see the T-84BM "Oplot" tank, which is really pasted over with masking tape to create an imitation of pixel camouflage. This immediately caused ridicule on social networks, and not only among foreign citizens, but also among the Ukrainians themselves.

“What power! The most powerful army in Europe decided to glue the tank with tape so that it does not fall apart "

"Natotechnology and Stealth Protection?" Perhaps, beating off enemy shells back? "

"Yeah," independence "was a success ..."

"If these are the best forces in the country, what do the worst look like?"

"... and there will be ragamuffins with rubber machine guns in the front box?"

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not officially comment on the embarrassment that occurred, however, this will definitely affect the reputation of the Ukrainian army in the most negative way.


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