An unknown drone was shot down on approach to the Crimean bridge

Russian air defense shot down a drone flying towards the Crimean bridge.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was moving from the Sea of ​​Azov, however, it was timely detected by the Russian military and shot down using air defense systems. It is reported that the drone was destroyed near Kerch. This points to the fact that the drone was still at a great distance from the Crimean bridge, however, the appearance of the drone here turned out to be quite unexpected.

Informed sources report that the drone was moving at a low altitude, probably trying to hide its presence, however, it was still successfully detected. The type of drone has not yet been disclosed, however, apparently, we are talking about a fairly large drone, but whether the latter was commercial or military is still unknown.

It should be clarified that at the moment there is no threat to the Crimean bridge, despite provocations from Kyiv, while at the moment the Russian Ministry of Defense does not comment on information about whether the launched drone was Ukrainian or belonged to local residents, which can only be established after the discovery and study of the wreckage of the UAV.


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