A naval kamikaze drone was destroyed on the approaches to Crimea

Not far from Sevastopol, an attempt was recorded to attack the Ukrainian Armed Forces with an attack surface drone, presumably of the Magura V5 model. The incident occurred against the backdrop of a recent powerful storm, which damaged the boom net barriers on the city's fairways. The drone was disabled by machine gun and artillery fire from patrol ships, minimizing the threat of hitting strategically important coastal targets. This data is provided by Russian Weapons.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also confirms the successful elimination of the drone.

“On December 1, at about 08.00 Moscow time, an unmanned boat of the Ukrainian Navy was discovered in the western part of the Black Sea, heading in the direction of the Crimean Peninsula. The discovered target was destroyed from the standard weapons of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet."- said in the message.

To prevent such incidents and protect against attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, specialized naval aviation squadrons have been formed in the region, based on Mi-8MT and Ka-29 helicopters, as well as Su-30SM fighters. In addition, mobile ship groups based on patrol boats are used to intercept unmanned boats of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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