On the Polish-Ukrainian border, 8 Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems were detected in the affected area of ​​"Caliber" and "Iskander"

Residents of Poland accidentally gave out the deployment sites of the Patriot air defense system in the border area with Ukraine.

Residents of eastern Poland accidentally gave away the locations of the American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems deployed on the border with Ukraine. As was stated in the message to the published photographs, "the territory of eastern Poland is perfectly protected from air and missile threats." However, as a result of such boasting, the Poles accidentally gave out the locations of 8 American Patriot air defense systems at once, in fact, posting classified information on the Web.

In the presented pictures you can see at least 8 mobile launchers of Patriot air defense systems. All of them are deployed at a distance of approximately 60-70 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. This allows us to assert that American radars control at least 120 kilometers deep into the territory of Ukraine, while the missiles used by the complexes (and we are talking about a combination of PAC-2 and PAC-3 missiles) are capable of hitting targets even at a distance of 90 kilometers east of Poland. -Ukrainian border.

Having given out the place of deployment of the American patriot air defense systems, the Poles, in fact, made them very convenient targets, since the exact coordinates of American complexes can be determined from a photograph with an accuracy of several meters. In the event of a threat, this makes it possible to successfully deliver preventive strikes against the complexes with Kalibr and Iskander missiles.