Shadow from the helicopter


The development of the engine for the Russian-Chinese helicopter required 5 years

The Russian-Chinese helicopter will be able to fly into the air in 5-7 years.

The new joint project is already ready by its nature, however, to create the first sample of this air technology, it is necessary to develop a new engine, which is expected to be created and tested for 5 years. It is assumed that the new engine for a heavy transport helicopter will not only be as efficient as possible, but also as safe as possible under operating conditions, thus making a worthy competition to the western analogs of the current power plants.

According to some information from the news agency, the engine for the new helicopter will be built on the basis of existing models, but its design itself will undergo profound modernization, including both from Russian aircraft designers and from Chinese counterparts.

It is assumed that the mass production of a new heavy Russian-Chinese helicopter will begin from 2022 year.


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