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On flights AK "RusLine" leaves the plane with advertising livery first in Russia

In early January, it held an event important for the advertising industry in Russia, as well as for its civil aviation. In the regular flight will the plane, all livery which will be used as an advertising surface.

Airplane airline "RusLine" service with advertising booking hotels will transport passengers a year. It will be used along with other aircraft for the flights between the cities of the route network. The aircraft is expected to be released on the first flight in January and February 2017.

Extraordinary event is that earlier in Russia such a large-scale service never offered to commercial customers - both because of the conservatism of the advertising market, and because of the bureaucratic difficulties. However, the forces of creative agency #NEW JET group not only managed to successfully bring the project to successful implementation, but also to put the branding service aircraft "on stream".

Presentation of the project will be held in Moscow on January 30, it is attended by representatives of the airline "RusLine" creative agency #NEW JET group and company-advertiser

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New service to Russia for the full branding passenger aircraft brought to market creative agency #NEWJET group. Abroad, this practice is widespread, but in our country it is so far not developed, both because of unavailability of the advertising market, and because of the bureaucratic difficulties.

For advertisers it is an opportunity to bring a new product or brand as quickly as possible on the Russian market. For airlines it is a significant profit opportunity and preservation of its aircraft surfaces in good condition at the expense of advertisers. For the audience it is the emotion of unusual unique aircraft that every advertiser will seek to make the most colorful and attractive.

At the presentation, guests will be able to learn about all the "pitfalls" of creating commercial advertising projects in the realities of Russian aviation. Participants tell why Russia has not yet developed this area of ​​advertising, with any insurmountable difficulties facing airlines and advertisers how the branding process from "A to Z", which are members of negotiation procedure and what prospects aviareklamy in Russia.

Especially for Avia.Pro #NewJet group and Valery Smirnov

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