Jet engines were installed on Russian Geraniums

The Russian Air Force has made significant improvements to the design of the Geranium-type unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), equipping them with jet engines. Retired Major General Vladimir Popov announced this in an interview with the Sputnik agency.

Initially, the Geranium UAV used electric or piston internal combustion engines with a power of about 50 horsepower, providing a combat charge weighing up to three kilograms. Such characteristics, according to Popov, limited the effectiveness of using drones.

A new modification of the drone with a small-sized jet engine has significantly increased its speed.

“If earlier the speed of Geraniums with piston engines was 180-200 km/h, reaching up to 300 km/h in a dive, now it has increased to 450-600 km/h, and in a dive it can reach higher values.”, - Popov noted.

This increase in speed makes the UAV less vulnerable to enemy counteraction.

Moreover, thanks to high speed and the use of the GLONASS system, the updated drones are able to approach the target more accurately.


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