Russian special forces


American spies detained at Russian military bases in Syria

Near the Russian military bases in Syria, American military spies were detained - they collected secret data.

The forces of the Russian and Syrian military, along with Russian military facilities in the Arab Republic, detained American military spies from the local population. We are talking about the members of the Magavir al-Saura group, trained and instructed directly by American military personnel and officers. It is known about the collection of some secret data about Russian military facilities in Syria. Probably for the purpose of subsequent attacks.

“We are listed in the organization“ Magavir al-Saura. ” Our group consisted of eight people: seven fighters and one guide, who smuggles and transports personnel and drugs. We went on motorcycles to complete the assignment and hit the minefield. We were sent to complete the mission in the province of Raqqa, in the city of Al Mansoura. <...> We had to get information about Russian, Iranian and Syrian objects ”- рассказал during interrogation, one of the captured spies.

What specific military facilities are in question is not known, however, it was previously reported that Russian military bases are indeed located in the indicated area, thereby blocking American troops from approaching the central and western part of the Arab Republic.