Rocket blast


A rocket exploded on the Russian patrol ship Ladny. Video

An unknown rocket explosion on a Russian patrol ship, Ladny, was shot on video.

Social networks distributed a video on which you can see how, when performing a regular launch of an unknown anti-ship missile from the deck of the Ladny patrol ship, the latter explodes without flying a few meters. The cause of the explosion remains unknown.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the incident occurs only after a split second and the rocket barely has time to reach the bow of the ship, as it literally scatters to pieces - one of them continues to fly by inertia directly, the second falls into the water, and the third flies up.

What kind of rocket it is in question is unknown, however, given the weapons on board the warship, experts do not exclude that we can talk about the URPK-5 "Bell", but there is no evidence of this data.

What exactly the rocket explosion is connected with is still unknown, however, no information about the victims and material damage appeared from the media, which obviously indicates the absence of such information.

... ringing can’t determine which side is the missile salvo from the anchorage ??? Hey jerks, what are you talking about ??? Sevastopol also priblette very similar!

Damn, and even older frames could not be pulled out? This is 2015 year. Completely spilled .....