Airport Shakhtersk Sakhalin


On Sakhalin urgently villages round the world traveler plane

Airplane British traveler who carried out the round the world flight, urgently villages on Sakhalin.

Emergency landing of small aircraft occurred at the airport in the city of Sakhalin Miner, at the same time, as it became known IA, became the cause of all the adverse weather conditions, in particular, we are talking about the threat of icing of the fuselage, which could lead to very serious consequences for the traveler.

According to experts, the British will continue to carry out flights to China only after the improvement of weather conditions, however, the specific time of departure from Sakhalin, has not yet been specified.

It should be clarified that the plane traveler from the UK arrived in Russia as early as August, however, due to lack of permission from the Chinese authorities, the pilot was forced to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation a few months.