8 spies discovered at secret Russian military enterprise

At one of the most secretive Russian enterprises, unknown persons were found.

8 of unknown persons who, according to some sources, could gain access to highly classified data, got access to a secret Russian military enterprise owned by the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation.

“In Korolyov, unknown people penetrated the secret factory of the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation for over a year. The local security service found out that someone had issued eight cleaners for the factory staff - in reality, they simply did not exist. But the system recorded the operation of the pass - in the evenings after six in the evening ", - reports "Base».

Initially, it was assumed that this could be a mistake, however, after checking it was established that the issued eight passes were never used by the cleaners - the latter simply did not exist.

It is not known exactly who could infiltrate a secret military enterprise, which also develops hypersonic weapons, but experts believe that it was in this way that information about Russian missile weapons could be transmitted to foreign agents, especially since similar cases had already been recorded.


The competent authorities established that there was no fact of espionage - the passes were issued on homeless people who were carrying out the removal of non-ferrous metal parts on stretchers from the territory of the enterprise on a stretcher. No threats to state interests were found.

In the USSR, everything belonged to the state, and now Putin has given everything into private hands, this is the difference between the private and the state, Putin is smart he knows everything, but not for Russia, but for the OLIGARCH, he is always ready to help them

step on the throat who issued these passes, but in general, capitalism turned our brains on our people!

What is true is true, in the USSR this would not be allowed. He himself worked at various defense enterprises with 1955 of the year - order was at all. And now no one is responsible for anything, if only to cut down the loot, for this they can sell their homeland!

In Soviet times, he worked for many years at secure enterprises. If this is really a fact, and not just another joke, then we can say that the mess is final. In those days (Soviet), I would consider such a case as a joke. It just couldn't be!

You can laugh, but the penetration is planned by the country's top leaders. Why? Yes, because the whole regime in the country is corrupt.

Plus "NUL" que vous, tu meurs

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