At least 17 Magura V5 naval kamikaze drones discovered at a secret Ukrainian base

British journalists provided information about a secret Ukrainian military base that hosts naval drones. A report by Times journalists reveals details of these devices being used to carry out attacks in the Black Sea.

Particular attention in the report is paid to marine drones of the Magura V5 model. These drones are distinguished by a unique vision system installed in the middle part of the body. The system consists of two video cameras, one of which is designed for night vision. The cameras are mounted on a special holder that can rotate to different angles both vertically and horizontally, providing a wide field of view.

An important element of the design of marine drones is the waterproof satellite antenna located in the rear of the hull. This device ensures that the drone accurately follows a given course and approaches the target.

At the front of the body there is another camera, presumably paired with a rangefinder. This allows the drone to determine the distance to the target, which is critical for the accuracy of attacks.

Judging by video footage from the drone storage site, the Ukrainian Armed Forces currently have at least 17 maritime drones, although the actual number could be much higher.


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